My presentation to the “New technologies for career guidance and networking” conference in Siena #jobtribu

I’m off for a whistlestop tour to Italy tomorrow evening. On Thursday I’ll be presenting at the New technologies for career guidance and networking conference in Siena. There are lots of other interesting people there so I’ll hopefully get a blog post or two out of the day.

But in the meantime, this is what I thought that I’d present.

How the internet changed career: the skills we need to survive in the wired world


  1. I was impressed with your comments on the digital divide in ‘How the internet changed career’. You demonstrate that the divide is deepening – and yet it’s something we seem to hear less and less about these days in the media. Given what you say about the internet being an integral part of the social fabric, those without access or the skills to exploit the web as a career development tool are at a growing, alarming disadvantage. I hope it went well in Italy and look forward to hearing more about it.

  2. I’m not sure that the digital divide is deepening as such. More and more people have access to online and digital tools. But I think that there are big differences between the levels of skill that different people have in using the digital environment.

    • I agree that it’s different levels of digital literacy that perpetuate the divide, rather than the number of people without access growing in real terms. I think there’s an increasing need for careers guidance professionals to equip people with awareness of the potential – and pitfalls- of an online presence when it comes to career development, and to provide much more support with navigating, say, social media in a career context.

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