We did it!

Just a quick update to say that we achieved the highest number of views on my blog ever yesterday. In total 473 people viewed the site yesterday. They were looking at:

So what did I learn? Mainly that if you can engage people as participants in what you are doing you are more likely to drive traffic to your content. I thought that the UKIP piece might get a lot of attention because it was controversial, but in fact people were more engaged by the idea of maximising the hits to the blog. People seemed to enjoy the idea that there was a challenge going on and felt that it was something that they wanted to support and engage in. Hopefully some of the content was interesting as well, but this doesn’t seem to have been what drove hits up in the main.

This reinforces the idea the social media is about building relationships and having conversations with people rather than about delivering content or service at people. Where you can build this kind of interactive approach it looks like it is possible to drive up hits and engagement.

I may well repeat this experiment in a week or so and see if I can keep building on it.

Thanks to everyone for your help and support yesterday.

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