Why connect?

Tomorrow I give my annual talk on the importance of networking and social media for research to our EdD students.

This is what I thought I’d say.

Why connect?

One comment

  1. I think that as a doctoral student some of my most valuable learning has occurred through the process of writing, gaining feedback, and then re-writing. Over the past year I have been part of a scholarly writing class where we have benefitted not only from feedback from the Prof on our writing, but from our peers too. The class facilitated us in setting up a writing network that is now supporting me through my first comprehensive exam. The experience also encouraged networking ~ which does not come easy for some. I am studying in Canada, and here networking is an established job-searching strategy, and essential for success in many fields. I think it also has enormous potential value for doctoral work for many reasons, to connect with peers (who will likely be future colleagues), access information, access support and possibly mentoring, build research skills, etc., etc. For me, skype is an essential part of connecting with others. I have been able to talk to both practitioners and academics from far-flung parts of the globe in a way that simply would not have been possible a few years ago. Technology has definitely made the possibility of networking easier in that respect!

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