Social mobility and career education

The following is an excellent short animation from talkingjobs about the role of career education in fostering social mobility.



  1. Thank you to Andrew at Talking Jobs for putting together this presentation. I have been thinking a lot lately about the pre-conscious career decisions that children and young people make. A good careers education programme can help individuals re-consider those self-determined barriers to social mobility that they cannot remember erecting for themselves!

  2. Thanks both for the positive response to the ‘social mobility misunderstood’ animation. People do seem to like it. Anthony, the term ‘pre-conscious career decisions’ is obviously especially relevant and where I see careers education having the most potential future impact. I think there is a really fantastic opportunity does exist through careers education, widening participation programmes and whole school approaches through conjoining the role of careers education with the social mobility themes in a more pro-active way. But this does mean having a narrow enough mission statement to communicate to schools and their hinterlands. However, this does call for a subtle reframing of careers education with front loading in schools at KS2, 3 and 4, and well in-front of guidance being offered. As you know I’m concerned that careers education and the associated tools are over-focused on the individual and hence missing the opportunity to help challenge stereotypes more effectively. Over the last six years exploring the CEIAG space this theme keeps repeating on me, with most schools I talk to readily acknowledging this as an important gap in their provision. And also, I don’t believe this is a cost issue, as teacher awareness about different approaches is as important about budgets for provision. It is why I built the animation and at the heart and at the approach.

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