Understanding higher education careers services

I’m giving a presentation to Matrix assessors on Friday about higher education careers services.

This is what I plan to do.

Understanding higher education careers services

I’d be interested in hearing any other messages that HE advisers would like to feed back to Matrix assessors. I will do my best to pass these on.



  1. I love this, thank you – must bookmark it as we are 9 months away from our assessment! But I think you should also mention that students can leave a service unhappy with their service but later realise it has helped them after all. And also have preconceptions about it that change when they do visit it. So *of course* they should listen to students but bear those facts in mind. I do particularly like what you say about the tension between institutional and service drivers.

    • Ghislaine’s point is well made. Despite induction sessions and a wealth of advertising about the services we do offer, we still see students leave our Career Service unhappy because their erroneous expectations were not met.

      I’ve noticed that this is often due to academic staff giving a poor picture of what we offer, and some students prefer to believe their lecturers than those who work at the service – we are working where we can to educate academic and support staff about our service to combat this problem; perhaps another point for Matrix assessors here around the work being done with staff?

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