Building online employability

We have just published a new publication called Building online employability.

The publication is a guide which is designed to help academic departments to support their students to think about career and to use the online environment wisely. Used badly the array of social media and online technologies can seriously disadvantage a students’ career development, but if used well they can support students to find out about and transition into their future career.

We hope that people find this useful and we’d be really interested in any feedback that people can give.  

Longridge, D., Hooley, T. & Staunton, T. (2013). Building online employability: A guide for academic departments. Derby: International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby.



  1. Hello – thanks so much for the excellent article. I am a Career Development Praotitioner and this article led me to re-examine my own digital career literacy and create a plan of action for moving toward that goal. I blog for the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association on the topic of Online Counselling and I wrote about this article here:

  2. Thanks for blogging about our paper Dawn. Glad you found it useful. I’ll be coming to Canada in September if you think anyone would be interested in hosting a seminar or similar.

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