Addressing the Issues Raised by the Education Select Committee Report

Tomorrow I’ve been asked to speak to a Capita conference about the Education Select Committee Report. This is what I thought that I’d say.

Addressing the Issues Raised by the Education Select Committee Report



  1. Afternoon,   Ofsted has recently be into the school that I presently work in, to my knowledge not one question was asked re CEIAG or Careers Guidance.   Unfortunately we will not be able to see the true extent of the damage for another couple of yrs, by then there will be nothing but websites and telephone support left. Having said that ‘placement officers’ will be used to shove students into anything as long as it keeps the yps out of the NEET group, so will we ever be able to identify and interpret the stark reality of no to little professional careers guidance or education? Probably not.   Although I value reports and evidence none of them really tell us anything we don’t already know, or that has not already been said. The problem is no one in government really cares, as it is unlikely to be their problem by the time it implodes. Society does not care as they don’t really know what careers is or does or what the implications are. They believe that public services i.e. schools are there for them BUT they’re not, they are now business not public services. Are schools in the best position to determine what is best for students, yes, but are they able to act on this, no.   Where do you go from here with no funding and no backing?   Kind regards Rach


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