The future of school-based careers work

I’m giving a presentation at a NICEC seminar tomorrow. The following is designed to put the cat amongst the pigeons!

The future of school-based careers work


2 thoughts on “The future of school-based careers work

  1. I may not have your status or qualifications but I do have 15 years experience working as a careers teacher. It’s absolutely wonderful to hear my pragmatically based convictions are holding true

  2. I was particularly drawn to the Jean Paiget quote (never heard of him -#quick-wiki) of education creating people who can do new things, not just repeat what had already been done. Careers services in the UK need a rebrand, because few I meet perceive that the service adds value. Yet as individuals, careers professionals believe in career development/employability skills/career adaptability. But it never seems to come out like that.
    More power to your cats, Tristram, and more cats please.

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