Hi ho, hi ho, back to blogging I go

As you may have noticed I’ve been pretty tardy on my blog over the summer. The joint pressures of finishing off various “it must be done by the end of the academic year” kind of projects, moving house and taking a couple of weeks of off the grid camping holiday have all conspired against me adding the usual mix of links, opinions and occasional bits of comment. Normal service will be resumed presently. I’ve been thinking about all sorts of posts as I’ve been up to other stuff over the holidays so watch this space for various leftfield thoughts prompted by things that I’ve been up to.

I’ve only just got back and will return to work properly tomorrow – so I’m going to spend some time trying to wade through the email lake that awaits me before returning to the blog later today or tomorrow. I hope that my absence from the blogosphere won’t have turned anyone off of the blog.

Thanks for waiting!



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