A difference that counts: the National Careers Service one year on

The National Careers Service has just published a summary of its activity called A difference that counts. It is short and punchy and worth a read.

There are not very many surprises in it for those who are familiar with the National Careers Service. However some issues of tone and emphasis that might be worth a mention are:

  • the paper flags the importance of pilot collaborations with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs);
  • the targetting of the service towards various key groups is strongly emphasised – although their is also an articulation of the universal reach of the service;
  • there is a greater focus on young people than might be expected given the focus of service delivery so far. It is possible that this is part of a move of the NCS into the youth arena. The big question related to this is obviously whether there will be more funding to support this;
  • there is less discussion of the phone service that might be expected given the importance of this channel of delivery; and
  • there is a lot of discussion of the web channel and particular enthusiasm for social media as a delivery mechanism.

I’d be interested to hear if other people take the same messages out of the document that I do?


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