Education in Ontario’s schools

I’m learning about Ontario’s schools at the moment.

The following edutopia film is pretty interesting. It emphasises the role of of the “student success co-ordinator”.

I’d be interest in Ontarians thoughts on this. Is this a fair representation? I’ve also found an evaluation of the programme which is also very positive. I’d also be interested in hearing more about how the student success co-ordinators connect to the schools existing guidance staff as there seems to be some overlap roles to me.

Any thoughts?


One comment

  1. Honestly, barf. This is just the same old dysfunctional clone-driving educational model on steroids. Nice to know the teachers are having fun “forming” students like Play-do. And yet another example of mono-cultural efforts in the guise of multiculturalism. Succeeding? Depends on your core values. It looks like another rung in the epic failure of our current educational model. If you really want kids to grow into successful adults, you should let them be themselves, not try extra-hard to make them like the mindless bureaucrats in the public school system crushing their individualism. Think about it. There are plenty of other models to choose from, many much older and established but trending today much better. Start with the works of John Holt and proceed from there.

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