The Government response to Ofsted

Following on from my last post about the Ofsted review I will try and summarise the Government’s response with the minimum of cynicism.

  • The Government will revise the statutory guidance to take account of some (but not all) of the criticisms.
  • The Government will shift the remit of the National Careers Service in two clear ways. (1) give it a stronger brokerage role with employers (2) give it a role with schools. While it is not explicitly stated in the response the suggestions is that this will have to be done by stretching existing resources. The response says

More needs to be done to maximise its effectiveness in helping young people and all those engaged in helping them decide on their career options. In recognition of this we have maintained the National Careers Service budget in the spending review for 2015, against a reduction in the overall BIS budget. Over the next few months we are re-contracting the whole service for October 2014. Through this we will reshape and reprioritise what is available for young people, schools and employers.

I read this as essentially saying the funding for the adult service should have been cut, so we’ll use that to pay for what we want it to do in schools. Personally I doubt that the NCS budget can be stretched much further without a review and reduction of what it provides for adults.

  • The NCS should keep on developping its website. Which it was doing anyway.
  • Ofsted should look at careers more closely in inspections.

There are lots of other responses to recommendations, but mostly they don’t say much. In short this looks like a small step forward for schools career support possibly bought at the cost of the existing adult service. However, it may be that the Government will announce some new funding for this activity tomorrow.

Hope springs eternal!




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