Stuart Lee – On not writing

Writing is important to me. I think about it a lot and do it a lot less. But, I still do it a lot more than some.

I don’t have pretentions to art – but I am always interested to hear other people talking about writing.

So here is Stuart Lee talking about how he goes about writing and the particular opportunities and constraints that stand up offers.

Lee does a lot of grumpy old man posturing, so I’m never sure exactly how to take him. But, I definately feel that the world of social media/blogging etc opens up far more opportunities for writers to find some space to hawk their wares. Some might say that isn’t a good thing, but I enjoy the opportunity to write for an audience of one and am constantly surprised when someone else is reading. Obviously for all his moaning, Lee has a devoted audience who lap up his writing. But, for me the idea of audience is more important than the reality. By this I mean that writing for yourself is a particular form that is very different from writing for others. I’m a natural show off so I always write for others, even when in actual fact there is no one there to read it.

Anyway over to the wisdom of Stuart Lee…


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