I’ve finally got started on using Pinterest. For those that haven’t looked at this before Pinterest is essentially an image bookmarking site. Find an image that you like online, pin it to a “board”, use the boards to organise the pins. So I’ve set up a board for ideas about how to redecorate my house (this seems to be a Pinterest requirements), a board for iCeGS pictures and another board for careersy images. There is also a social element to the site which allows you to follow other people who are also using Pinterest and see what they are pinning.

I’m just playing at the moment, but I think that I can see the point of it. Being able to work with visual images and collect together bookmarks whilst you are brainstorming helps you to get an overview of things that you’ve been working on. I can see myself using this as a way to prepare for presentations etc.

Does anyone else use it? If so, can you explain what you use it for?



  1. Ah ha. So this is how you could do it. Like the careersy board very much. We dont have Pinterest on our site but believe it could be a wonderful way to engage those many thousands of us who engage with visuals much better than with words. Also looks to be a great way to play with the concept of careers. Thanks Tristram!

  2. Hi Tristram, thank you for following me on Pinterest.

    As you can see from my boards, I’ve basically been categorising useful links for schools CEIAG coordinators or CAs. One of the most difficult parts of a schools CEIAG coordinator’s life is finding people to come in and talk or work with pupils. The amount of time I’ve spent trying to access university school liaison departments over the years is scary, thus my original foray was to get direct links to the school liaison departments all in one place.

    My other boards link directly to topics such as interview videos or CEIAG blogs (Yes of course yours is there!)

    The problems I have with Pinterest are:-

    1. Keeping the info current, I can only rely on others to let me know if links are no longer current. I’d love it if somebody comes up with a solution to this problem.
    2. Some pages either won’t pin or don’t have suitable pictures. I used to get an image of the main screen, however, this doesn’t give a direct link to sub pages so you need to note that in the text under the image.

    Pinterest, along with my Careers Ed for All Weekly are my effort to put something back into the CEIAG community by keeping people up to date in a more time efficient way.

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