Shane Lopez on hope

I rather liked Shane Lopez’ talk on hope at the Larios conference earlier this year.


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  1. This is such a vital talk…All so true! Well, there is really no harm in being ‘Hopeful’! It can only make you feel better and appease your concerns regardless of your surroundings… This practice turned instinctive will make you a more balanced individual, a more loving member of your family, a better and thoughtful citizen in your community, a more liberated and proactive employee, a more caring and engaged professional, and ‘hopefully’, a wiser and happier person in the long run:) The more you become encouraged to embrace ‘hopefulness’, the more you build trust and courage in your own constructive agency, raise due commitments to good living, and secure a better future.

    Maintaining this healthy attitude in life (no easy matter most of the time!) can only generate positive vibes within, reflect it on others, whilst deflecting negative rays into dust! To be hopeful is to be a great believer in one’s positive mind and positive actions; in the beauty around and the love within; the abundance of all the good elements and great things around…if nothing but to please oneself… yet if it can help others, well the more the better… and ‘hopefully’, the merrier!!:)

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