Social media and careers work: Wollongong edition

Posted: November 23, 2013 in career, higher education, technology, tools
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I’m giving a presentation tomorrow at the University of Wollongong on the use of social media in careers work. This is what I thought that I’d say.

Social Media in Careers Work by Tristram Hooley

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  1. Tracey Glover Chambers says:

    What a great day, thanks Tristram for your inspiring delivery today. So much to think about and act on. Very appreciated!!!! (gottal love those exclamation marks)

  2. Peta Pollock says:

    This is very relevant (once again) for us down under! Thanks for sharing Tristram. perhaps we could arrange an online webinar with you sometime!?

  3. Tristram Hooley says:

    Peta, it is a shame we didn’t think of it earlier as we might have been able to arrange a visit whilst I’m here. Are you coming to the CEAV conference?

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