A dump of links from Australia

I’ve now been in Australia for almost two weeks. As is usually the case I’ve picked up loads of stuff that I haven’t been able to blog about yet, but I will at least throw up a few links that I’ve found so that I can revisit them later.


I’ve met some very interesting academics since I’ve been here.

  • Carol Johnson of the University of Wisconsin-Stout
  • Jim Bright the developer of the chaos theory of careers who I’ve written about on the blog before.
  • John Polesel who writes about schools and education policy.
  • Mary McMahon who writes about career counselling, qualitative assessment, narrative and systems theory.
  • Shanton Chang who writes about IT and social media
  • Veronica Volkoff who writes about VET and education policy.



Professional associations



University Careers Services

While I’ve been here I’ve visited or talked with the following services.


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