Top 10 posts from 2013

Christmas is a time for lists about things that have happened in the year. So here is my first list. This is what you’ve been reading on Adventures in Career Development during 2013.

10. I posted a link to a short film by Andrew Manson about social mobility and career education. People seemed to like it and watched it enought times to get it into the top 10 for the year.

9. Another film makes it into the top 10. This one is Andy Chan arguing that Careers Services Must Die. Although of course he actually argues nothing of the sort.

8. Next up you can find my thoughts on the school counsellor model in Ontario.

7. Controversy almost always turns into hit. So next up you can find my thoughts on Sinead O’Connor and Miley Cyrus. This one prompted a lot of debate and got me into all sorts of trouble.

6. Demonstrating that most of the people who read this blog are careers sector insiders, the next piece is the story about Heather Jackson and Tony Watts resigning from the national careers council.

5. More controversy. This time I tangle with graduate labour market expert Charlie Ball over an article that he wrote for the Guardian.

4. A surprising entry at number 4 is my more philosophical discussion of the need to rethink career guidance around a more social and collective paradigm. Deindividualising career development.

3. But after that brief dip into philosophy we are back on familiar populist ground. This time I was connecting career development with the Smurfs (well it was a long school summer holiday).

2. Second most popular post of the year was my thoughts on what careers companies should do with social media.

1. And top of the pops was my write up of Jaana, Raimo and Jim’s article on career practitioners conceptions of social media. Everyone loved that article!

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