A guide to iCeGS publications from 2013

As you may have picked up, I work at the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) at the University of Derby.  I try and add links to my work and the work of my colleagues to this blog, however, sometimes in the cut and thrust of the year I miss the odd thing. So I thought that I’d devote an end of year post to summarising all of the things that the Centre has published during 2013.

One feature of 2013 has been iCeGS increasing international perspectives. I published a paper on career development in Canada, while my colleague Nicki Moore was very active in Croatia helping to set up the new Croatian Employment Service.  Meanwhile another of our colleagues, Siobhan Neary was writing about career guidance in Sri Lanka.

We also retained our strong interest in the area of career guidance policy. I wrote a policy commentary on the report of the National Careers Council, Tony Watts looked at the Heseltine Review, the Education Select Committee report and the Government’s response to it (including the Government’s Inspiration Vision statement), the Ofsted Review of Career Guidance and the Statutory Guidance on Career Guidance for FE and Sixth Forms. Meanwhile at a European level my colleague Jo Hutchinson looked at how career guidance might provide some answers as part of the European youth guarentee initiative that seeks to tackle youth unemployment. We also published an article looking at how the ‘blueprint’ model might provide a mechanism to link career guidance policy and practice.

Following on from this interest in career guidance policy, much of iCeGS work focuses on the issue of policy translation. Jo Hutchinson wrote an interesting paper on the interface between school leadership, career guidance and STEM teaching in schools.

We also retain a strong interest in career guidance practice and in supporting the development of innovative ideas in the field. We published papers on the storyboarding technique and the role of digital skills in the development of employability. I also continued reviewed a very interesting book on the chaos theory of careers which makes some paradigm shifting propositions for practice in the area.

Another major theme of iCeGS work in 2013 has been our engagement with higher education. We undertook a cross-European review of HR strategies for researchers and looked at how the Unistats website supports higher education choice making, .

Underpinning a lot of this work is a strand of research which investigates the formation of aspirations and decision making. Some of my colleagues published a very interesting paper looking at gender and career identity formation in younger children.

We also get involved in a range of projects which are not directly related to career guidance. I worked on a methodological paper about researching religion and non-religion which I thought was pretty interesting. Less leftfield was the publication of some work on social pedagogy in Derbyshire and a more theoretical paper on its role in supporting youth key worker practice. Social pedagogy is an interesting concept that I feel may have implications for guidance. I hope that we’ll be looking at this more in the coming year.

All in all a pretty busy year. There is lots more about to be published so it looks like 2014 will be at least as busy. I’ll try and keep everyone updated on this blog.


  1. I really value all this work and regularly refer to a range of documents that you have been involve with. Thank you – and do keep on raising the profile as you do so well.

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