NICEC Seminar: Adult career decision-making: findings from qualitative research

NICEC Seminar

Monday  20th January  5.00-6.30

Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, Euston, London, WC1H 9BD

This seminar will provide an overview of the findings from qualitative research exploring how adults make career decisions. The study was commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and led by the Institute for Employment Studies.  The research consisted of 65 in-depth narrative interviews with adults, including 15 prisoners.

The research was an opportunity for a fresh look at how people approach career decisions. The sample, although modest in scale, was very diverse by life stage, employment and personal situation and skill/educational level.

Rosie Gloster and Wendy Hirsh will present the key findings including two models which were derived from the data. The first model illustrates the factors that influence adult career decision-making, including the key career issues people think about and the opportunities and constraints that shape their decision-making. The second model suggests five career decision-making styles which individuals may adopt, and also move between. Leigh Henderson will then discuss how the findings relate to the circumstances of prisoners.

The team will welcome discussion of the suggested models, the project findings which lie behind them and the implications of this research for career guidance.

The published report is available to download:



Please book with Stephen McNair, NICEC Fellow.

Email  Tel. 01603 737830

If your plans change, do please email Stephen as places are limited and others may be on a waiting list.

Attendance is free of charge to NICEC Fellows and Members.

Participants who are not NICEC Fellows or Members: please send a cheque for £30 contribution to speakers’ expenses, room hire and lunch, or bring cash on the day.

Cheques payable to: NICEC Ltd.,

To:       Dr Charles Jackson (NICEC Treasurer),

9 Preston Park Avenue, Brighton BN1 6HJ.

Ask for an invoice if you need one.

Those who become members of NICEC for 2011-12 will be able to recover this charge


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