10 Things Careers Education Could Cover And Doesn’t

This is an excellent post by Thomas Staunton which challenges us to broaden our definition of what should be included in careers education.

Running In A Forest

Do you ever get the feeling that careers education should cover more than it does? I was in a meeting recently when it was pointed out to me that what I was suggesting was an “old school” view of HE careers work based around helping people manage careers over their life span. The world had moved on I was told and now we are all about employability and destinations, getting students in to graduate level jobs within six months of graduating. I’ve been thinking in light of this about some of the things I feel that either society or individuals would benefit if careers education (at any stage) were to cover but currently tends to veer away from. I have a list of 10.

1) Ethics – I feel often we talk about values but not ethics. Values tends to be about what we want to have in life while…

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