CSSA Briefing Note 13

In the light of the recent arguments made by the Government around the importance of employers to providing career support the Careers Alliance has issues a very useful briefing note. The note makes the important point that the contributions of career professionals and employers to an individual’s career learning are complementary and not alternatives. We can only hope that the Government take this into account in the promised revision of the statutory guidance.

The Roles of Employers and Career Professionals in Providing Career Support to Young People in Schools and Colleges

The Careers Alliance has previously called for more employer engagement in careers education and work-related learning in schools and colleges, and has emphasised the importance of improved co-ordination between employers, professional careers advisers and schools/colleges.

The Education Select Committee welcomed ‘the Government’s support for the increased involvement of local employers in careers guidance in schools, which is vital for effective careers provision’. It added: ‘We recommend that schools be required to set out in their careers plans their arrangements with local employers and how they intend to enhance them.’

Yet Ofsted found that ‘[l]inks with employers were the weakest aspect of career guidance in the 60 schools visited. About two thirds of the schools reported that they had cut down on their work experience provision… for budgetary reasons and because of the…

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