Career guidance and widening participation in the Coalition’s Aspiration Nation

Here is a presentation that I gave at the Birmingham Aimhigher conference today. I worked up a whole load of new stuff for it, so it made me think a bit. I’d be interested to hear what anyone thought of it.

Career guidance and widening participation in the Coalition’s Aspiration Nation



  1. I love the idea of careers work linking into the curriculum in a joined-up way. So that when young people ask the inevitable question ‘and why should we bother learning about that, when will we ever need it after we leave school?’, they can be shown exactly when it would be useful, and why it is so important, and maybe (just maybe) be inspired to follow a career path. So not just careers teachers, or employers, but support and buy-in from subject teachers too.

  2. Good morning Tristram

    I have been following and enjoying your blog as recommended by Nicki Moore our Tutor on the Level 6 IAG qualification myself and a small number of colleagues here at the Construction Industry Training Board are doing. We are the Sector Skills Council for Construction.

    As one of our deliverables we organise annual regional IAG conferences and I am planning (loose word at present- starting to think of one may be more accurate) for September later in that month in the Midlands area – I cover Midlands region and I wondered at all about the possibility of you speaking at that event – it is aimed for:

    • Regional and local influencer contacts

    • CIAG influencers- DWP/ National Careers Service, local career advisers/ EBPs

    • Local Authority Councillors – including Education and Skills Portfolio holders

    • Local Authority Officers – including Heads of Skills

    • LEPs representatives with an interest in CIAG

    • Local Forums and initiatives

    • Employers

    • Federation’s representatives and professional institutions with a CIAG/education remit.

    • BIS Local Teams

    • FE and HE personnel- including the careers department

    • School personnel- including the career department

    We have a lot of collateral to support our IAG colleagues and this conference is obviously to showcase and grow knowledge and understanding of the Construction and Built Environment Sector and the opportunities it offers to entrants of all levels that but I thought that you speaking if that were to be possible would be a wonderful opportunity to allow IAG colleagues to reflect on the world etc and hear a real authority on the subject. I hope you do not mind me approaching you and I look forward to hearing from you on your thoughts. I am based in North Nottinghamshire so happy to come along and meet with you if this was of potential Tristram.

    Best regards

    Meg Hankinson

    Strategic Partnership Advisor

    Midlands Region

    Construction Industry Training Board

    Sector Skills Council for Construction

    07876 393642

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