Still time to book to attend the Careers 50/50 conference

There are still places available to book onto the Careers 50/50 conference.

On 14 -15 July, CRAC, is celebrating its 50th anniversary by hosting a major careers event in partnership with NICEC (the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling) The event will celebrate the work undertaken by CRAC, Vitae and Professor Tony Watts, co-founder of CRAC and Director of NICEC,1975-2001 over the last 50 years.

CRAC was set up in 1964 to improve the quality of careers work and career support in schools and to act as a link between the worlds of education and of work. NICEC was for many years a research and development organisation supported by CRAC ran its first project supporting transitions of doctoral researchers to industry in 1968. Over the last 50 years, CRAC has led a wide-ranging set of innovations in connecting students, researchers and employers, careers information and learning.

The celebratory event will reflect on the legacy of 50 years career development, guidance and learning, as well as consider the next innovations in careers thinking and support for the future. It will be a chance to stand back, and consider the future trends and possibilities and reflect on how we might change practice to meet these needs.

The agenda includes plenary speakers from around the globe including:

  • Professor Tony Watts (Founder of CRAC and NICEC)
  • Professor Ronald Sultana (University of Malta)
  • Professor Peter Plant (Aarhus University)
  • Professor Stephen McNair (NIACE)
  • Lynne Bezanson (Canadian Career Development Foundation)
  • Abhijit Bhaburi (Wipro Group, India)
  • Dr Jon Turner (University of Edinburgh)
  • Jimmy Brannigan (NETpositive Futures)

The event will be highly interactive and will include a number of facilitated table discussions to discuss key topics and issues.

An evening feast will take place at the end of day one in the prestigious Main Hall of St Catherine’s College providinga further opportunity to reconnect and network with colleagues.

The event has been designed so that combinations can be booked for those who are unable to make the whole celebration.

For more details on the programme and to book your place please visit


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