Developing practice with icould

On Monday we were very privileged to play host to a group of excellent career practitioners at iCeGS. We had invited them to come and talk about the icould website.

Just in case you haven’t seen the icould website before it is a career website based around a fantastic set of videos. The videos each give the story of someone’s career with all the twists and turns and misdirections. They are career profiles rather than job profiles.

The site also includes a wide range of other tools and features. Since the last time I’ve written about icould there has been the addition of new LMI features including some geographical features that open up local labour market information.

However, the point of the project was not to wax lyrical about icould. icould is a great product, but it isn’t an alternative to career practitioners. So what we wanted to see was what career practitioners could do with the site. We are planning to run an action research project for the next few months to explore how icould can get used in interesting and innovative ways.

I’ll try and report back on what comes out of this on the blog. However, in the meantime I’d be interested to hear from any career practitioners who are using the site. What are you doing with it? How are you integrating it into your practice? What works well (and what doesn’t)?

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