Presentations in Bodø, Norway, August 2014

Presentation in Bodø, Norway, August 2014

Today I find myself in Bodø, Norway. The image is a view from my window.

I haven’t come to look at the fjords (is that a fjord? – my maritime geography is weak – but I hope to investigate later!) I’ve come to talk about lifelong guidance at a conference organised by the Partnership for Career Guidance in Nordland county to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the career centers in Nordland. Norland is seen as one of the leading areas for lifelong guidance in Norway, so apparently there will be around 200 people from across Norway in attendance.

Today I will mainly be talking about:

The evidence base in lifelong guidance.

The Evidence Base on Lifelong Guidance by Tristram Hooley

And career management skills

Career Management Skills Workshop by Tristram Hooley

I offer my slides for anyone that might find them useful.


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