Parents and career choice

I saw this article in the Metro today.


As usual there is no reporting of sampling approach which makes it difficult to make much sense of this. I’ve tried to find the original press release, but I can’t find it (can anyone help).

Nonetheless the issue of what the influence of parents is on young people’s career decision making is an important one. I’ve looked for research on this and found some interesting stuff. Some of these papers also explore what the role of guidance professionals and other educators is in working with parents to support career development. I feel that this is an interesting area where there is a need for more work.

Any thoughts, ideas or references?


  1. In our School Leaver Barometer Survey carried out earlier this year, (the results of which will be published very soon) we surveyed nearly 7000 learners in years 10-13. A key finding was that most influence on their decision of what to do came from parents (69%) followed by teachers (24%).

  2. Still no info about sampling etc on that article. I’d be interested in hearing more about your School Leaver Barometer Survey. Get in touch!

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