No to for profit schools

Unlike many in the current Government I went to a state school. I have also sent my own kids to state schools and am broadly happy with the experience that they are having. I believe that education is both an individual and a social good and that there are huge social, cultural and economic benefits to providing an education system for all. I also think that there a major problems in creating social divisions through a fee paying system.

As a researcher I spend a lot of time in schools. I am invariably impressed with the work that they are doing and with the committment and enthusiasm of the teachers and career professionals that I work with. This doesn’t mean that I don’t think that there is room for improvement of our state school system, but I can see no evidence that improvement would be a consequence of the introduction of greater marketisation or of open up the opportunity to make greater profits from schooling.

Because of this I have just signed a petition saying.

Dear Nicky Morgan, Education Secretary,

Please rule out for profit state schools. Privatising our schools is a terrible idea, our public services should not be run for profit.

The focus of schools should not be to make money, but to deliver the best outcomes for children.

I hope that some of you will also sign it.


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