Humans need not apply by @cgpgrey

Thanks to the SecondaryCEIAG blog for posting this piece about how robots are taking over the labour market (and the world).
There is lots to get your teeth into here. I don’t agree with it all, but it is certainly clear that new technologies are going to transform the labour market and careers dramatically.
Obviously to those of us raised on SF like Terminator this is a little worrying.
The key questions are essentially who will the robots replace and who benefits from this redistribution of work. If the rich own the robots while the rest of us get pushed out of work and into low paid or no work then we are storing up a major social problem. If however they offer us more leisure and better life/work balance we have a different set of issues that need to be worked through in the labour market and ultimately in career guidance.
Does this compute?


Simply found this video too fascinating not to post it. “Humans need not apply” is a 15 minute insight into a labour market that might seem futuristic but is all too close to our doorstep. A labour market overwhelmed by automation and the bots that perform these tasks. Bots who have become so rapid in their rate of learning and adaptation, so complex in their ability to out perform humans in such a diverse range of tasks at such cost-effective rates that it’s probable that huge swathes of the labour market will succumb to their usage. Equally frightening and intriguing, the near future depicted in this video demands huge answers from economic and business leaders and the education system preparing those competing human workers of tomorrow.

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