CDI workshop: If you look the part you’ll get the job

Today I’m giving a workshop to the Career Development Institute with Julia Yates. The workshop draws on a strand of research that Julia and I have been undertaking about the role of appearance and attractiveness in career. The workshop is designed to get practitioners thinking about the way they address these issues (or don’t) and to start a conversation about what appropriate responses are from careers workers.


  1. At Skills Development Scotland we covered this aspect about personal presentation at interviews in our Career Essentials workshops. There is also a charity called Suited and Booted who can help out. You can refer your clients through the job centre. There website is: Worth a look for any practitioners with clients based in London.

  2. Interesting. Although we spend a lot of time telling students not to include photos on their CV so they can be judged on their skills and experience rather that their appearance, I wonder what the impact is of the fact including a photo that including is pretty much a mandatory aspect of LinkedIn. Any research on the impact on LinkedIn profile photos on recruitment?

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