Tony Watts’ last words on career development – the iCeGS 17th annual lecture

As most people know Tony Watts has been the major international guru on career development for the last few decades. He’s clocked up an impressive 50 years in the field and in that time founded CRAC, NICEC, iCeGS and the Guidance Council. He gave the first ever iCeGS annual lecture in 1998 and so on the occasion of his retirement we invited him back to give the 17th annual lecture.

You can read the lecture on the iCeGS website.

Watts, A.G. (2014).Career development: looking back; moving forward. 17th Annual Lecture. Derby: International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby

But we also captured it on film. So if you weren’t there you can now pretend that you were.





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