UCU pre-election manifesto on the knowledge economy

I have just read the UCU pre-election manifesto on the knowledge economy.

I think that it is an excellent document which sets out 15 practical policies that the next government could adopt around education and skills. There is, as you would expect, lots of good stuff on higher education funding and the management of higher education. However, it also includes very positive policies on Apprenticeship, lifelong learning and youth unemployment.

Obviously I was very encouraged to see one of its 15 policies being on career guidance.

Over haul career education. High quality, impartial career guidance is essential if students are to fully understand the different study options available to them and make an informed choice about their future education and employment plans. This should be free to all and available not only during initial education, but also throughout further and higher study and beyond. Adequate resource should be invested to allow face-to-face and telephone support as well as the provision of online resources.

I think that this document is a very important one and one that those who are interested in education policy should mobilise around. Thanks to you the UCU for pulling it together.

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