New policy commentary on the statutory guidance

Careers England have just published a new policy commentary on the statutory guidance for career guidance and inspiration written by me.

In it I try and sort the wheat from the chaff and clarify what schools will be expected to do as a result of these changes.

In general I argue that the new version of the statutory guidance is an improvement on the old one. Whilst I would have liked to see it a bit tougher, I think that it shows that the government is finally going in the right direction.

Hooley, T. (2015). Career Guidance and Inspiration in Schools (March 2015) (Policy Commentary 30). Careers England.

Careers England also put out a press release to accompany the policy commentary.


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  1. […] As I wrote during the election campaign the Conservative manifesto offers us few clues about what the party has planned for career guidance. However, recent history suggests some reasons for cautious optimism. The party has largely kept faith with the National Careers Service although the future of this is likely to be influenced by who ends up in charge of DBIS and who ends up as the skills minister. The reappointment of Nicki Morgan as Education Secretary presumably means that the new careers company will continue to be established and that the positive direction shown in the recent statutory guidance will be maintained. […]

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