How the internet changed career – with added cats #cdaa15


Tomorrow I’m going to be giving a presentation to the CDAA conference in Perth, Australia. I’ve been asked to talk about the internet and career. I’ve been thinking about this again a fair bit recently and am hoping to get a few more tech-related projects going again in the next few months. So it was a good opportunity to revisit some of the main ideas.

You will notice that there are a number of Warrior Cats references. You can blame my daughter for this. I’ll try and write another blog about it soon to clarify what it is all about.

So anyway, this is what I thought that I might say…

How the internet changed career (with added cats)


  1. Hi codingcadet. The presentation talked about how the internet enables people who have a shared interest to come together, share that interest and then develop new content (like the animations of the Warrior Cats). I used the online Warrior Cats fan base as a way to illustrate this because my daughter is a major Warrior Cats fan.

    Does that explain it?

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