You’ve got the look

youve got the look

I’ve been working on a strand of research which addresses career image. I’ve been asked to present a workshop on this research in New Zealand.

You’ve got the look

This is what I thought that I’d do. It contains some new data which hasn’t been published yet.


  1. I *love* this work/subject. It is endlessly interesting. What questions did they ask? Do you think their perceptions are different to ours in the UK? Very much looking forward to hearing how it develops.

  2. It was a really interesting session. I think that Julia and I are really only asking questions at the moment, but I’m starting to feel that we are moving towards some models and approaches for careers professionals. The group in Auckland came up with some interesting stuff. One of the main differences with a UK audience was the assumption that business appearance should be much more casual.

    Also lots of interesting conversations about the cultural differences on some of these issues in New Zealand’s various cultures and sub-cultures.

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