Small town big change


A number of people have sent me this TEDx talk.

It discusses the intersection between career development and community in a small town in New Zealand. The Mayor talks about how he built a cross-community initiative to engage everyone (employers, education and community) in the career development of young people.

“We’re all careers advisers (or we should be)!”

One comment

  1. This is an interesting TT discussing familiar themes around career transitional analysis. It is heartening to hear of a small community addressing the real and systematic drain on people ans skills resources. Sadly, girls do not appear to be representative of this enigmatic but perhaps traditionally cis male-gender-biased Mayor’s understanding of young people per se. The old and tired assumption that anyone can be a careers adviser also needs updating. Yes, like teaching, everyone is potentially capable of information and perhaps advice too, but fewer (and fewer, due to public sector cuts and the diminishing quality of careers guidance education) are “naturally” or professionally able to provide careers guidance. There is also a difference, as is popularly known, between the careers teacher at school who has admirably taken up the role and the qualified careers counsellor/adviser/coach who has spent at least 2 years studying careers theory and practice before being let loose on the general public, be they young people or adults. My admiration for Mayor Dale Williams is not without some “equality-awareness-fatigue”. However, he and his fellow small-towners have definitely understood the necessities and modern, realistic career methods of engaging young (men) people and local employers to work together to reduce apathy, crime, boredom and ultimately, a significant brain-drain.

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