Jim Bright writes about “the uncertain story of career development”


Jim Bright has just posted a guest post on the University of Derby Institute of Education blog. The post is entitled “the uncertain story of career development“.

Certainty is something that we seem to strive for in life, so it is odd that we so often bewail that we are bored. Judging by their popularity, we love a good suspense thriller and hate to have it spoiled by someone telling us who did it. With the exception of illegal bookmakers and bent goalkeepers, sports lovers don’t want to know the result in advance. After all, what would be the point? So despite our pursuit of certainty, uncertainty plays an essential and even pleasurable role in life. It turns out that we seek pattern and surprise, change and constancy, order and chaos. Read on…

Jim will also be lecturing on this topic at the University of Derby on the 4th November. There is still time to book to attend the lecture.

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