Getting the skills to beat the robots #cdiconf15

beating the robots

I occasionally fall down an obsession hole. A little while ago it was the fear that robots were going to take over the world. I wrote about this in a post on Humans and the Rise of the Robots. We also talked about some of the implications of this for careers professionals in the Get Yourself Connected paper.

As time has moved on I’ve got a little less panicky about this issue. I still believe that robots will transform the world (they already have). But, I don’t believe that this will make human’s redundant or leave us with no work to do. However, I do think that individuals and societies  are going to have to be very purposeful in the way that they respond to the increasing automation. If we do nothing personally and politically I think that we are likely to see an increase in inequality and ultimately some major economic problems.

I’m going to try and talk about some of these issues in my keynote to the CDI conference today. This is what I thought I might say.

Getting the skills to beat the robots

Getting the skills to beat the robots


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