Call for papers -NICEC journal

Call for Abstracts for the October 2016 issue of the NICEC Journal.

The publication of the NICEC journal in October 2016 will focus on Masters dissertations or Doctoral theses from students working in career learning and development, career guidance and counselling, or career coaching. We are asking University tutors to select a completed[1] work from one (or possibly more) of their excellent students, which they consider worthy of dissemination in the NICEC journal in the form of an article.

If the student would like to publish, it is possible that they will require support from their tutor before they submit the abstract and drafts of their article. Turning a dissertation or a thesis into a 3,500 word article is not easy and will require guidance on how to focus, condense and write up the main arguments and findings. This support can be via informal help or by a process of co-authoring. The timeline for submission follows. The editor will provide feedback and will make the final decision on inclusion in the journal.


Timeline for October 2016 issue

Abstract of no more than 200 words by Monday 22nd February 2016

Please use Arial typeface in 12 point size.

Please send by email to:

Hazel Reid
Professor of Education and Career Management
Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

1st draft                      Friday 29th April 2016

2nd draft                     Monday 6th June 2016

Final article              Monday 11th July 2016

Proofs to check        September 2016

[1] Completed work means that the work has been finished and submitted – thus authors are likely to be students from a previous academic year (or alternatively will be handing in their work by the end of January 2016).

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