Top 10 blog posts of 2015

It is the time of the year for lists. First up I’ll give you the top 10 most viewed posts on this blog during 2015.

  1. What is radical education? Ironically the top spot in 2015 goes to a post that I wrote back in 2014. In this post I discuss what radical education or critical pedagogy is all about. This is a theme that I’ve pursued further this year so perhaps that is why it was so popular.
  2. Career guidance in Cameron’s Britain. Gets the second spot. In it I mused on what the Conservative win in the election of 2015 might mean for career guidance.
  3. The 7Cs of digital career literacy – in practice. The third most popular post of 2015 comes from as far back as 2012. It is a guest post from Graham Kaye-Taylor and talks about how you can use the 7 Cs framework in practice. Its return to the hit parade is probably due to a presentation that Vanessa Dodd gave to a conference organised by Graham this year.
  4. A brand new careers company for England – hurrah!(?) takes the fourth spot and discusses the launch of the new careers company. Was it only a year ago that we heard about this! A year is a long time in careers it seems.
  5. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery (slides). I gave my inaugural lecture this year. It seems some people downloaded the slides from it!
  6. Teachers, careers advisers and employers: Who should do what? Back in March I went up to Leeds and tried to straighten out the respective roles that different people should play in careers education. Hopefully these slides capture the gist of what I said.
  7. Mark Savickas on Life Designing. Another oldie but a goodie at number 7 (from back in 2013). My report on Mark’s lecture in Padua.
  8. So why did that happen? More post-election musing from May 2015.
  9. The Future of Career Guidance in the UK. A presentation that I gave in May 2015 where I talked politics, robots and career guidance.
  10. Changing numbers of careers advisers in schools. Some figures about how the numbers of careers advisers in schools have changed (2010-2013). I’d be really interested to see an update of this.

So that was the best (or at least most popular) of 2015.

You only have yourselves to blame!




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