Devo careers

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On Friday I went to Manchester to talk to a group brought together by the LEP to discuss the role of career guidance.

The more that I’ve been thinking about this, the more critical I think that the LEPs are going to be in the future of career guidance. As more powers get devolved to the LEPs (and Manchester is at the forefront of this devolution race) they will have the opportunity to impose coherence on the multitude of government and non-governmental programmes that currently exist.

The people in Manchester understood this and are thinking seriously about how this can be achieved.

This is what I said.

Devo careers


  1. Hi Tristram, my name is John, a careers adviser based in Manchester. I always enjoy your posts and was just curious the event you recently attended in Manchester. Thanks!

  2. It was organised by New Economy. Various careersy people were there as well as schools, businesses and local policymakers.

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