Not choosing but changing (How career guidance can change the world)

not choosing.PNG

We are about to launch a new careers pathway in our Education Studies degree. So today I’m talking to the current first year to try and persuade them to take the careers pathway. This is what I thought that I’d cover to try and persuade young educators that careers work is the most exciting pathway that they could take.

not choosing but changing


  1. Hi Tristram

    I was going to post a comment but can’t see how to – maybe too early in the morning for my clunky IT brain to kick in! Love the slides, definitely what motivates me to continue working in the field – I first encountered Young and Foucault in my MSc and it changed my practice, especially in the way I approached my role as ‘expert’ and in trying to understand how guidance impacts on marginalised groups.

    Hopefully see you soon.


  2. As a veteran teacher with more than 15 years experience of managing careers in schools, and of explaining the difference between being a careers teacher and a careers adviser. I’m heartened to see the phoenix rising from the ashes post Connexions and school based careers education specialists appearing via your course and of course the Teach First scheme.

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