Early notice of this year’s iCeGS annual lecture


We have just confirmed the details for this year’s iCeGS annual lecture.  The lecture will be given by the wonderful Rie Thomsen who will be discussing ‘Career guidance in communities – The collective turn’ .

The lecture will explore how career guidance interacts with the everyday lives of people and their communities. Based on her book Career Guidance in Communities Rie will discuss the possibility of framing guidance as part of a community and not as an activity separate from it.

The lecture will take place on Wednesday October 26 at 4.00 – 5.30 so please put it in your diaries. .

Rie is Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark COMAC Career Research Cluster. Rie’s research revolves around lifelong career guidance practices and policies with a special focus on the role of communities and in organisational and leadership aspects of career guidance provision. Furthermore she has a strong interest in creating an inspiring environment for interdisciplinary research in Lifelong Learning and Lifelong Guidance.

Rie will also be giving a workshop for practitioners the day before.

Further details of the workshop and lecture will be announced in the next few weeks.

One comment

  1. Sorry I originally posted the wrong date.
    I have now updated this. So what is in the post is now correct!

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