Measuring career readiness

measuring career readiness

I’ve been asked to present at a work in progress seminar at the University of Derby today. I thought that I might try out some of the new work that we are doing as part of our evaluation of the Gatsby Benchmarks. Our hope is to construct a standard instrument to measure career readiness in schools in England.

This is what I plan to cover.

Measuring career readiness


  1. It is focused on schools because it is important to build a contextually aware measure. There are already some HE focused measures (although these are fairly US-centric).

  2. Liz, this will hopefully build on all of the research that you have highlighted. In particular we are trying to use the methodology that we used in the Sutton Trust work for part of this study, but deepen it a bit.

  3. This could be a very useful assessment tool and I am keen to learn more. It may be due to lack of space on powerpoint slide but stages one and two look problematic which will lead to difficulties in later stages. Is there a psychometrician working on this design – if not that could be very beneficial.

  4. We are not trying to build a career assessment as such. But I’d appreciate your thoughts one nay issues with the process. Why don’t you email me.

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