Time to join NICEC?


If you follow this blog you probably know that I’m a fellow of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling (NICEC).

What you may not know that it is possible to join NICEC by contacting Wendy Hirsh on wh@wendyhirsh.com.

NICEC is distinctive as a boundary-crossing network devoted to career education and counselling in education, in the workplace, and in the wider community. It seeks to integrate theory and practice in career development, stimulate intellectual diversity and encourage transdisciplinary dialogue. Through these activities, NICEC aims to develop research, inform policy and enhance service delivery.

NICEC was founded in 1975 and has continued to evolve since then. It now operates as a learned society for reflective practitioners in the broad field of career education, career guidance, career counselling and career development.

Membership of NICEC is open to any individual with an interest in career development (price £65 per annum, £50 for full-time students). Members receive:

  • the NICEC journal – 2 issues per annum
  • free access to NICEC events and priority booking. There are 4 early evening seminars and 2 full afternoon network meetings per year. The majority of events are held in London, with one or two each year elsewhere in the UK.
  • free or reduced fee access to research-focused development days run jointly by NICEC and the CDI.
  • online access to the archive of the journal and NICEC publications and materials from NICEC events.

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