Introducing Compass – Careers Benchmark Tool for schools


I’m very excited to be able to launch Compass Careers Benchmark Tool.

This is a new self-evaluation tool for schools which has been created by the Careers and Enterprise Company and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. It is designed to help schools to see how their career education and guidance compares to the model of good practice set out in the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Good Career Guidance Benchmarks.

I would really love it if readers of this blog who work within English schools could try out the tool and give us some feedback on how it is working.

If you log onto the Compass tool you’ll be guided to create an account for your school and then to answer a load of questions about your schools careers provision. At the end of this you will be emailed with a confidential report, showing how your school measures up against the Gatsby Benchmarks for Good Career Guidance, and (coming soon) how you compare with other schools like yours. If you have used the tool before it will also show you your previous results. We are hoping that people start using the tool annually to see how their school’s programme has progressed.

We also hope that the will be useful in helping you to discuss careers provision with parents, colleagues, governors, and Ofsted – including in relation to how you meet the statutory guidance on careers.

Developing this tool has taken a lot of work and so we are very keen for schools to start using it straight away. I hope that you all find it useful.



  1. Hi, is it accessible if you are not a school? I work with schools to help them to develop their careers provision – would be great to have a look at it before talking with schools about it. Also, in that role is there any way I can see what the reports are for schools that do make use of it, other than asking them to share the results with me?

  2. Yes if you log in you can download a PDF of the whole survey. This will give you an idea of the information that schools need.

    The only way that you can see the responses of individual schools is if they choose to share their results with you.

  3. Hello Professor Hooley, I am an assistant head teacher and also in-charge of guidance and counseling at a Methodist A, B & C Junior High School at Apan, in the Central Region of Ghana. I have completed M.Phil in Guidance and counseling. I wrote my these on Determinants of career choice among Senior High School students in the Agona West Municipality: counselling Implications. have two publications with my supervisor from my theses—• Amoah, S. A., Kwofie, I., Baiden, M. M. (2015). Assessor’s Insight into Determinants of Career Choice among Senior High School Students in Ghana. International Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education, Vol. 2 Issue 5, pages 20-32.

    • Amoah, S. A., Kwofie, I., Kwofie, F. A. A.( 2015). The School Counsellors and Students’ Career Choice in High School: The Assessor’s perspective in a Ghanaian Case. Journal of Education and Practice. Vol. 6 No. 23, pages 57-65.

    I have read some of your works. keep on doing your good work

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