Customer satisfaction with career guidance: A review of the literature


A little while ago I was involved in writing a literature review on the subject of customer satisfaction in career guidance. It has just been published as…

Hooley, T., Neary, S., Morris, M. and Mackay, S. (2015). Customer Satisfaction with Career Guidance: A Review of the Literature. London and Derby: SQW and International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby.

The main argument of the paper is that while career guidance providers and professionals cannot control customer satisfaction completely they can do a lot to affect how satisfied customers are. For example attending to customers wishes and interests, contracting carefully and ensuring that you have a good working alliance and following up with a customer all make a difference.

This is not to say that satisfaction is the only or even the most important outcome of career guidance. Nonetheless, I’m sure that we would all rather have satisfied than dissatisfied customers. Hopefully this literature review will help in this aspiration.

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