NICEC journal – call for papers

Open Call for Papers

Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling: April 2017 Issue

In order to enable a wide and varied spectrum of contributions, there is no specific theme identified for the next issue of the journal. Accordingly, papers are invited on any subject related to career development. As a rough guide, the following contexts and/or topics may be addressed. Any further suggestions to the editor would also be welcome.

Context(s) could include:

  • Workplace settings (e.g. career coaching, L&D, HR, outplacement)
  • Educational settings (e.g. schools, further education and skills, higher education)
  • Informal settings (e.g. community-based)
  • Career development work with young people in any context
  • Career development work with adults in any context
  • Any other relevant context

Topics(s) could include:

  • Innovation in relevant concepts or theories
  • Current labour market issues
  • The organisation, management or marketing of career support services
  • Emerging policy, corporate and/or governmental issues
  • Expanding and/or innovative services and areas of activity
  • Global, international or non-UK-based work
  • Social justice, critical pedagogical and/or emancipatory practices
  • The role of learning in the support of career development
  • New tools, technologies and models
  • Fresh critical perspectives
  • New case studies and other empirical work
  • The relationship with lifelong learning, employability, well-being or other areas
  • The training and education of people who provide career help
  • Any other relevant topic
All initial expressions of interest 30th November 2016
Final manuscript submission 31st January 2017
Contact the editor: Phil McCash


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