Effective Policy Framework for the Organisation of Careers Service

We have just agreed to make a paper that we wrote last year public. It addresses the question of what the most effective policy framework for the management of career guidance would be. It is based on a literature review.

Key findings include the fact that there are a range of public policy rationales which engage policymakers, that countries have a range of systems which range from non-existent to the development of a lifelong guidance system, there are a range of key features for such policy systems which address issues of access, which provide career management skills, which ensure the effective co-operation and co-ordination of the system and which attend to issues of quality assurance and evidence.

You can view the paper online for free at:

Hooley, T., Neary, S., Morris, M. and Mackay, S. (2015). Effective Policy Frameworks for the Organisation of Careers Services: A Review of the Literature. London and Derby: SQW and International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby.


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