Good looks and good practice

We’ve just published a new article looking at career practitioners attitudes towards career image. The article presents the quantitative findings of an online survey of career practitioners (n = 399, 74% female, 89% white and 75% from the U.K.) exploring their attitudes and practices towards issues of appearance and attractiveness.

Career practitioners who participated in this survey acknowledged that beauty, self-presentation and interpersonal skills influence career success, and 96% of them considered conversations about career image as part of their professional remit. The career practitioners felt relatively comfortable and well informed in their discussions in this arena, but would welcome further guidance and training to inform their practice.

The article has been posted in an online repository at:

Yates, J., Hooley, T. and Kaur Bagri, K. (2016). Good looks and good practice: the attitudes of career practitioners to attractiveness and appearance British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, Online first.

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